BN series control device units

The range of Pizzato Elettrica industrial automation solutions is further expanded by the addition of the BN series control device units, a versatile modular product that adapts to any application requirement.

The main feature of the new BN series is easy installation, as the in-line holes make it simple to fit and wire the device: as it's a plug-and-play device in fact, all you have to do is plug the connector in. Furthermore, in the case of a fault or damage, it can be replaced immediately thanks to the monolithic design of the control device unit, without the need for rewiring, avoiding any possible errors.

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The control device unit is designed with non-detachable, turnable modules that offer the user various installation options on-board the machine. After loosening the fixing screws, in fact, the upper and lower modules can be turned 90° to obtain the desired configuration.

The fixing screws are protected by push-in caps, which not only prevent dirt from accumulating, but they also block access to the screws and make it less likely someone will tamper with them.

The BN series control device unit is available in various configurations for various types of product applications: for standard applications, configurations with 3 or 4 devices are most suitable, while configurations with 6, 7 or 8 devices are available for more complex applications to provide the user with more control and signalling devices at the same location.

The control devices are recessed in the outer housing of the control device unit so they're protected from accidental knocks, meaning longer operational life. They only protrude a little from the front, so the BN series remains within a max. width of just 40 mm.

In all the configurations, a variety of control devices can be installed, also illuminated by integrated LEDs.

The new Pizzato Elettrica BN series modular control device units have the same shape and dimensions as the RFID safety switches with lock of the NS series, giving machine manufacturers who already use these products the chance to create a visually uniform device and adopt an aesthetically pleasing solution.

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Laser engraving

The laser engraving technology allows the client to customise the BN series control device units by engraving a description of the function of the individual control devices on the housing.

Unlike systems that use plates or labels, the markings obtained with this method are indelible and long-lasting and are also much more aesthetically pleasing and in line with the modern, sophisticated new line of Pizzato Elettrica control device units.

The wide variety of terms and pictograms that can be engraved on the devices makes it possible to respond to various customer needs and the most diverse areas of use.