Position switches quick start guide

See the guide below for Position Switches.   Click the multiple choice selections to guide you to the correct Pizzato product for your application.

Position Switches:

The position switch should be:

  • Pre-wired 7
  • Ready for wiring 2

The position switch should be a:

  • Open microswitch 8
  • Switch with a housing 3

The position switch should have a:

  • Heavy duty housing 9
  • Regular duty housing 4

The position switch environment requires:

  • Stainless steel external parts 10
  • Standard steel external parts 5

The position switch application is a:

  • High temperature application 11
  • ATEX application 12
  • Conventional application 6

The position switch application is a:

  • Signalling switch application 13
  • Switch with electrical reset 14
  • Switch for electrical enclosure servicing 15
  • Conventional switch application 16

Pre-wired switches:


Heavy duty housings:

Stainless steel external parts:

High temperature applications:

ATEX applications:

Signalling switch applications:

Switch with electrical reset applications:

Switch for electrical enclosure servicing:

Conventional position switch applications (optional blue reset button):